A great Christmas present

In my concept: Losing weight fast and simple I show in a simple way how you manage to get rid of your pounds finally and as Christmas approaches this is a great gift for yourself, or for someone you like, you know or would like to help. On http://www.bodyweight-loss.de/downloads/abnehmen-einfach-schnell-und-simpel/ you will find everything to download, […]

My second BLOG

For calendar week 48 today I met a friend on the net from my studio time and after a little talk about the old days we also came to the topic of weight loss and fat burning and she told me that she still does what I told her about 20 years ago told my […]

Welcome to my homepage first BLOG

In my first blog today I will give you a quick overview what my homepage is about and how I intend to update this homepage frequently with new downloadable products and interesting scientific news regarding health, body weight and body fat loss. So¬†please pay attention and check frequently on my homepage to be up to […]