Read about my absolute certain body weight loss concept & how to reduce fat, easy, simple, fast and effective!


Most important rule – waivers completely on sugar and sweeteners ( also in the drinks ), sweets of all kinds, cakes, jams, chips (or similar products ), pizza, fries, croquettes, baked pasta dishes, generally finished products, any diet products, bread, pastries , etc. , as these products contain many partly unhealthy substances that affect your metabolism, thereby slowing your fat reduction enormously, this includes alcohol in any form, for drink plenty of water or tea ! Coffee in moderation is allowed, of course!

One thing in advance, the key to your success is: 

This section you’ll still read frequently to prevent it from impresses with you! Because this rule you helps quickly and effectively burn fat, even without it! The road to fat loss is easy and simple, it just needs to be implemented all of you to 100%, as with everything in life and I want to help you there! I’ll show you now the steps on, that means we start right away with the reaction!
Learn the essentials of what you really need to know about: carbohydrate, protein (protein) and fat . Simply stated, without technical terms and what the body why, why happened! I want you to lose fat and are preserved the main fuels, the muscles in its current form.
Because these concerns with their cell power plants for the essential fat burning. The more muscle is preserved or even constructed , in addition , burn through exercise and sports , more is better and faster fat!

  1. a) carbohydrates such as proteins and fat source of energy that the body can have a bad influence, however, because not every day wants to put his food centers apart and therefore usually does not take the right amount of carbohydrates on which he really even needed. Carbohydrates make your blood sugar levels and depending on how fast or slow, is more or less insulin distributed to check the rise. This means: If the wrong selection of a carbohydrate of blood sugar rises too quickly, the hormone insulin is released in order to slow the rapid rise. The blood sugar level is broken by insulin release and decreases again; however, in most cases even below the previous level, thus you get shortly after eating hungry again. To minimize this effect, we will later renounce carbohydrates for the most part, only certain which I will tell you may be eaten.
  2. b) proteins provide as carbohydrates and fats and energy, but also to obtain important materials to your muscles or build up, but do not bring your blood sugar levels, as opposed to the carbohydrates messed up, that is, there is no insulin peaks and therefore does not lead right back to a hunger. They saturate longer and keep blood sugar levels constant at a level, thereby also no unnecessary insulin is released, which is the body in burning fat in the way.
  3. c) Fat is an important source of energy, which can unfortunately always and everywhere demonized, the erroneous opinion is, fat makes you fat. But this is not quite so! It depends on which fat is taken to be and with what energy sources it is combined.
  4. d) In the final pages, I have a list with the energy suppliers together you that you may eat and thus boost your fat burning.

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